How to Dual boot Windows and Linux Ubuntu on same computer 2018-12-04

Hardware information

HD0: HitachiHDS721010CLA332(932GB)
HD1: M4-CT256M4SSD2(238GB)

C:\ 300 GB NTFS, Windows system
D:\ 310 GB NTFS
/opt: 321 GB ext4, Ubuntu

HD1: Install Ubuntu

BIOS Settings

AMI BIOS Version V1.7

Press Delete key on booting to enter CMOS Setup Utility

Integrated Peripherals, Enable USB Device Legacy Support

Please Note: Disable USB Device Legacy Support after Installation

Prepare Installation

Run diskpart on HD0:

list disk
select disk 0
create partition primary size=307200
create partition extended
create partition logical size=317440
create partition logical
list partition
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick
select partition 2
format fs=ntfs quick

Prepare Usb boot disk(USB PE):

Download a PE from internet

You can Using Ultra ISO to write the downlaoded iso to a 8 GB usb disk

Windows ISO file:

  • Download Windows.iso file from MicroSofto

  • Verify the hash value of Windows.iso

    • File Checksum Integrity Verifier Utility

      Navigate to to download it

    • Run commands:

      fciv.exe Windows.iso -sha1

      SHA1: 4652DC6EBFEBE02C6A63E167C36E3FAEDFB93999

  • Copy ISO file to a USB disk(Windows 8.1 USB disk)

Install Windows on HD0

  • Insert USB PE stick into computer USB port

  • Insert Windows usb stick into USB

  • Boot computer, Press F11(or other key, depends your Computer type) to select boot device, select to boot from the USB PE stick

    • Select boot from Windows PE
    • Copy Windows 8.1 ISO file to D:\ and mount it
  • Run WinNTSetup_x64

    • Select Windows Vista/7/8/2008/2012
    • Select install.wim position: DVD Drive\sources\install.wim
    • Boot Drive: C:
    • Install to dick: C:
    • Version: e.g. Windows 8.1 Pro
    • Start Installing Windows
    • Reboot to finish Installation

Install Ubuntu on HD1

create a bootable USB stick on Windows:


Boot computer from USB stick:


  • Try Ubuntu without installation

  • Install Ubuntu LTS

  • Language: English

  • Installatio Type: Somthing else

  • Select sda, Click New Partition Table...

  • Select free space (256060MB)

  • Click + to create partition:

    • Size: 200 MB
    • primary
    • Mount point: /boot
    • sda1
  • Click + to create partition:

    • Size: 8000 MB
    • logical
    • Use as: swap area
    • sda5
  • free space, Click + to create partition:

    • Size: all
    • primary
    • Ext4
    • Mount point /
    • sda3
  • Create partition on sdb6

    • Size: all
    • Ext4
    • Mount point /opt
  • Device foot boot loader Installation: sda3

  • Where are you? Click the map to select a city

  • Unplug USB stick when rebooting

  • Set Bios first boot disk to Ubuntu which is HD1

Note: This main board does not support uefi boot


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